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How Sewer Inspection Cameras Work

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Pipe inspection cameras utilize a small waterproof video camera mounted on the end of a flexible cable. Your hired plumbing professional will insert the camera snake into the sewage system and push it through the pipe for a clear visual of the interior of the pipes and their condition.

Pipe inspection cameras are used often as it saves time, money and avoids any unnecessary damage to the property. The plumbing camera connects to a portable, closed-circuit display and strong, bright lights on the camera irradiate the interior, exposing every detail inside the pipe, in real-time. This will allow professionals to locate the presence of debris, clogs, cracks or even the smallest hairline fracture. Pipe inspection cameras are commonly used for household plumbing problems. By using this pipe inspection equipment, your technician can visually identify the problem quickly and efficiently which will enable them to create an effective plan going forward. When will a pipe inspection camera be used? Plumbers commonly reach for their pipe inspection camera as it allows them to identify, locate and diagnose internal pipe problems almost immediately. Prior to the development of this innovative tool, plumbers could only guess on what was causing the issues inside of your pipes. Now, with the combination of a high-definition video camera and an LED light, plumbers can access any point of the pipes, even in the hardest to reach areas. What to expect during a sewer inspection? Initially, your plumbing professional will want to get familiar with the plumbing system in the home to discover the magnitude of the issues that have progressed. Next, depending on the severity of the damage, your plumber may feed the camera through several drains and pipes in the home. They will then diagnose and make recommendations for fixing the issue.

Pipe inspection cameras have changed the plumbing sector, enabling professionals to skip excessive digging and destruction when it is not needed. Without video inspection, digging down to reach the pipes directly was inevitable. A slow, costly, and harsh process. A pipe inspection camera boasts the ability to save an incredible amount of time. Plumbers can now measure exactly where the issue is, solving it with minimal damage to the home and the property. Without the pipe inspection camera, long sections of pipe would be damaged, but your professional can now tackle the problem at its exact location.

Is a pipe inspection camera right for me? Depending on your problem, a camera inspection may be necessary to inspect the condition of your drain line. Pipe placement and some other issues require a more traditional solution. But with a pipe inspection camera, sewer problems have become quicker to identify and can save homeowners ample time and money.

A video inspection also gives homeowners an opportunity to have a full visual of their pipe’s interior, revealing underlying issues and other unexpected problems that often worsen with time. We suggest this before buying a home. If you are experiencing various plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to call your plumbing professional chances are they will come equipped with their pipe inspection camera.

If you are looking for a reliable camera for pipe inspection jobs, look no further than Hathorn®. We are proud to say that we are priced within reach of every plumber and municipality. Don't just take our word for it, have a look for yourself at the many drain camera products we have to offer. As a leading manufacturer of plumbing inspection cameras, Hathorn works with hundreds of plumbing companies across the globe. Manufactured in North America, our reliable drain inspection cameras are affordable and built to withstand any element. Contact Hathorn today for a free quote.

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