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About Hathorn®


Plumbing Inspection Cameras

Hathorn® builds the toughest plumbing and sewer inspection cameras on the market. Proudly designed and manufactured in North America.

Since 2003, Hathorn® has focused on manufacturing robust inspection products that are priced  within the reach of your average plumber, but tough enough for contractors, municipalities, mining and petrochemical companies, industrial users and urban gas distributors.

Driven by dedication to quality workmanship and a desire to remain truly North American made, Hathorn® designs and manufactures its products on site in Toronto, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio.  A combination of innovation and experience has led Hathorn® to produce the largest and most robust suite of pipe inspection systems and components globally.  When taking into account all of our available options, Hathorn® produces over 10,000 different variations meaning that we are guaranteed to have a product that is right for your application. 

Today Hathorn® has thousands of precision-built cameras in the field from California, to Canada, to Australia, proving that Hathorn® products operate in the harshest conditions, day after day, keeping you on the job for longer. If you are looking for a camera for pipe inspection jobs, look no further than Hathorn®.

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