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We offer owners of Hathorn equipment the ability to exchange their old malfunctioning heads for a brand new one at a deeply discounted price.  Details and terms & conditions of the program are below.

Effective April 2024 Hathorn will no longer be repairing camera heads.  Instead, Hathorn and all of our Dealers and Repair Centers will be participating in the exchange program.  The purpose of the program is to allow customers to get back to work in minutes to get you back on the job in minutes.

For a deeply discounted price customers may exchange their old head for a brand new one with a 1-year warranty.  All new heads under this program will have our logo and a unique five-digit serial number engraved on the outside. All warranties, exchanges and specifications will be tied to that unique five-digit serial number. 

To participate customers must buy a new head directly from Hathorn or from one of our Dealer/Repair Centers. Customers will then receive core refund when the old head is returned to Hathorn.  Old heads must be returned to Hathorn within 30-days of purchase.  Pricing of exchange program can be found below.

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Please be advised that camera heads with extensive damage and/or missing parts are not eligible for this program.  Under those circumstance the customer must buy a new head at the full “New MSRP” price as is required under the old repair policy. Cameras that have extensive damage will not be eligible for the program. Those include:-  Deep cuts, perforations, cracks, dents, or other major deficiencies to the outside steel barrel of the camera head indicating abuse.-  Camera heads that are missing parts. -  Cameras with shattered sapphire glass lenses and/or with clear and obvious water damage. -  Cameras with foggy lenses that still have video and/or LED lights are acceptable. -  Heads must be returned with RMA paperwork generated through the new Hathorn RMA portal using the link at the top of the page.


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