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Command Modules & Systems


All Hathorn® command modules are municipal grade, proudly designed and manufactured in North America.  Equipped with either 12" or 7" impact-resistant LCD screens Hathorn's products offer daylight readability several times brighter than the other brand.

Our North American construction and focus on simplicity  means our products are rugged and easy to use offering industry leading options without the need for endless menus. 
At Hathorn, portability is key which is why all our products are compatible with Milwaukee® M18 18V batteries (not included) to give users multiple hours of run time on a single charge.  Our command modules even offer a battery extender which automatically dims the screen when a low battery is detected and saves your recordings before shutting down.  Never lose another inspection again!


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Control Module

The Hathorn® H12+ is in a class of its own with the brightest daylight readable 12” LCD screen in the industry.  It has almost three times the brightness of the leading brand providing stunning picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan & zoom” technology revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.

The new H12+ has menus in three languages  (English, French and Spanish), compatibility with all Hathorn reels from 100-500ft., unique information bar and text overlay options, two sonde frequencies (512Hz & 640Hz) and industry leading file storage. 


The H12+ comes standard with a 128Gb hard drive which is upgradeable to 512Gb allowing the user to save MPEG videos and JPEG screen shots to either the HDD or to a USB stick.

Powered by 18V Milwaukee™ (or equivalent) batteries the H12+ will run up to 4 hours on a single charge. Batteries sold separately. 

New H7


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200ft Camera System 

Hathorn® H7 systems come standard with a 7” daylight readable shatter resistant LCD monitor with 1,000 cd/m2 of brightness, making it the brightest monitor in it's class.  The H7 also has an on-board hard drive with 64Gb (upgradable to 128Gb) capacity and USB recording allowing the user to record MPEG4 video and JPEG screen shots.

These systems are compatible with 18V  Milwaukee™ (or equivalent)  batteries for ultimate portability and over 5 hours of runtime on a single charge.


All H7s come equipped with 200ft. of premium cable and your choice of self leveling camera head.


Trusted by plumbers and contractors all over North America to deliver rugged dependability and portability. Available with Wi-Fi video streaming technology as an option.

New H2


200ft  Camera System

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The Hathorn® H2 system comes standard with a 7” shatter resistant LCD monitor and is compatible with 18V Milwaukee™ (or equivalent) batteries for ultimate portability and over 6 hours of runtime on a single charge.

The H2 comes equipped with 200ft of premium cable and your choice of self leveling camera head, all with cool running super bright LED lights.  It also comes equipped with a footage counter and 512Hz sonde and an on-screen footage counter in both feet and meters. 


The H2 is an entry level sewer camera and does not offer a recording option.

Trusted by plumbers and contractors all over North America to deliver rugged dependability and portability. 

Keyhole Gas Camera System


Control Module and Reel

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Hathorn®’s gas camera system was specially developed in partnership with the Gas Technology Institute in Chicago.


The system and specialty camera head were designed to provide America’s utilities a way to inspect live gas mains through 90 degree keyhole pipe entries using stuffing boxes and traditional gas line insertion tools.


Though not rated as intrinsically safe or explosion proof, Hathorn®’s gas cameras have been the go-to camera in the industry for over a decade providing users the ability to inspect 2-6” gas mains while recording inspections to USB or HDD. 

The 12” monitor is the pro’s choice for any light condition (including direct sunshine), providing stunning HD picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan & zoom” technology revealing details otherwise missed by other gas cameras.


Whether you are working in brutal Canadian winters or hot Arizona summers it’s time to upgrade to a Hathorn pipe inspection camera.

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