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Purchasing Sewer Camera Equipment: What to Know

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hathorn Inspection Cameras

Hathorn is the leading manufacturer of sewer camera equipment, offering access to their impressive suite of equipment worldwide. With a massive, ever-growing list of clientele, Hathorn boasts countless dealers and repair centers across the globe, ensuring all of their customers receive top-quality assistance when needed.

Financing Sewer Camera Equipment

Hathorn’s sewer camera equipment is municipal grade, manufactured in North America with prices that can’t be beat. And while the price tag is always impressive, to ensure everyone has access to the best equipment on the market, Hathorn also offers sewer camera financing, going the extra mile for their valued customers.

The sewer camera equipment systems are often used across the United States, Canada and Australia, and are recognized for their ability to produce high quality video for inspecting pipe issues. Hathorn is also known as a one-stop shop for many as they offer an assortment of inspection camera options for home inspectors, plumbing companies, municipalities and tool rental businesses.

Need Your Hathorn Camera Serviced? Not a Problem!

The Hathorn Inspection Camera dealers have countless locations, enabling professionals to obtain service and repair for their equipment anytime. And while Hathorn products continue to lead the plumbing sector with their high-quality, reasonably priced equipment, they are also best known for their impressive reputation in customer service and satisfaction.

A Comforting Warranty too?

Because Hathorn’s sewer camera equipment is locally manufactured at the North American manufacturing facility, an extraordinary warranty has their customers buying confidently. All Hathorn products come with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturers' defects on all parts and labor.

The Hathorn team believes in their North American design and the original workmanship that goes into every product. The Hathorn crew is celebrated for working closely with their clients to resolve any questions or concerns immediately.

The next time you consider purchasing a sewer line camera for your business, call Hathorn at 1-866-428-4676 or contact us by email at

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