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Pipe Inspection Equipment by Hathorn

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

For people working in the plumbing industry today, Hathorn pipe inspection equipment has emerged as a trusted name, known for durability, versatility and ease of use. Hathorn continues to lead the industry with their impressive, innovate selection with literally hundreds of option combinations. This means that Hathorn is guaranteed to have a product that is right for your camera work. Hathorn continues to offer in-stock, high-quality products that are excellent value, durable, municipal grade, and North American made.

A Little Bit About Us

Hathorn was established in 2003, inspired by machine quality, dedicated workmanship, and a desire to offer premium products that are and always will be, North American-made. Hathorn proudly manufactures and services all of its products on-site, in Toronto, Ontario, and Columbus, Ohio. Hathorn also has a dealer/repair network throughout North America and Australia.

What Does Hathorn Inspection Cameras Sell?

  • Command modules that can be paired with size of Hathorn Reel

  • Standard camera reels

  • Wi-fi camera reels

  • Micron – Wi-Fi and standard reels

  • Keyhole gas camera systems

  • Inspection camera accessories

  • Locators

Since their commencement, Hathorn has successfully expanded year after year, improving designs and always manufacturing durable cameras. Pipe inspection equipment by Hathorn is one of the largest most innovative collections of push sewer camera inspection systems and components, worldwide.

All the Hathorn products are available to the average plumber, drain cleaner, house inspector, municipality, mining and petrochemical companies, industrial users, and urban gas distributors.

The entire suite of Hathorn products features 5 camera reel sizes, 5 rod sizes, 9 camera heads, multiple monitor sizes and Wi-Fi options making them the very definition of a Specialty Camera Shop. Hathorn also has thousands of precision-built cameras in the field from California, to Canada, to Australia, proving they get the job done right, the first time.

Need a Hathorn Camera Repair?

Hathorn cameras can be repaired at the Hathorn factory locations in Toronto, Canada and Columbus, Ohio, or at one of their network dealers and repair centers throughout North America and Australia.

Where Can I buy Hathorn Products?

For optimal, local after-sale service, the Hathorn professionals promote customers to purchase their Hathorn pipe inspection equipment from a dealer in their North American and Australian network. Our trained team members will outline and answer any questions regarding the entire collection.

For those looking to connect with us directly with questions or to place an order, visit or call 1-888-HATHORN.

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