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How To Care for Pipe Inspection Equipment

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

As pipe inspection equipment is heavily relied on by contractors, plumbers, home inspectors, municipalities, and more, keeping these tools and equipment in good condition and using them properly is crucial to ensure a long lifespan.

And while pipe inspection equipment is often built to last with impressive durability, regular maintenance and proper usage are always important.

Reels with kinks or damaged camera heads are common issues that send these tools into the repair shop but let’s uncover some essential steps that you can take to maintain your equipment.

Check it Before You Use it

Your pipe inspection equipment is an investment that keeps your business running. Ensuring that you and your employees continue to follow a regular, specific maintenance check for your equipment is a simple step that should be done before every use.

Always Check For and Replace or Repair When Needed

· Damaged power cords

· Pulled out strain reliefs

· Damaged switches and missing ground prongs

· Cable damages

Twice a year, all bearings, bushings, and moving parts should be exposed, cleaned, and lubricated.

Hold it and Control it!

When in use, it is always important for the operator to keep their hands near the opening as this will enable them to have more control over the reeling. When not doing this, the reeling often kinks or moves too quickly which often results in camera damage.

The Camera is for Diagnosing not Dislodging

All too often pipe inspection cameras make a visit to the repair shop after an impatient drain cleaner used the camera head to dislodge the problem. It is crucial to be patient, use the camera to diagnose the problem, and then remove it properly.

Clean is Key!

Inevitably, keeping your equipment, the camera, and reeling clean will always ensure a longer lifespan. Keeping rags on hand to wipe off the reel after a job is always important. And as the camera lens is a key component of the equipment, it should always be freed from debris and build-up after every use.

This equipment is one of your biggest and most important investments, continuing to care for it properly can enable you to have a thriving, successful business.


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