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How to Choose a Hathorn Inspection Camera

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Inspection cameras are used by professionals in the plumbing, construction, and maintenance industry and allow experts to inspect small, dark spaces like pipes and drains. These inspection cameras attach to a cable or reel and when turned on, record video streams for plumbing professionals to show the video to their clients.

Hathorn® Inspection Cameras provide municipal grade, legendary durability, and affordability. Proudly designed and manufactured in North America, our inspection cameras are priced within reach of every plumber and municipality!

Features to consider when researching:

Camera head size

Cable length

Self-leveling camera heads

Audio/video output

Display size

Clarity of picture

Number of LED lights

Digital “Pan and Zoom”

One-touch USB recording

Daylight readable

Wi-Fi recording

On-screen text

Audio voice over

One-handed operation

Footage counter


512hz sonde

Affordable pricing

Standard Camera Reels

Hathorn® DuraSCOPE™ Reels offer an industry-leading selection of eight DuraCAM™ plumbing camera heads. These different cameras have self-leveling and straight view models. All camera heads are equipped with super bright, cool running LEDs for optimal HD picture quality. Butt-welded steel frame construction, stainless steel camera heads, and your choice of pushrod size, with lengths from 200-500ft, allow you to push further than ever before and remain in the field longer with Hathorn®’s legendary reliability!

Command Modules

The H12 and H12i Command Modules are designed for use with Standard and Micron Camera Reels. The module includes a 12.1” daylight bright screen, HD picture quality, adjustable camera lighting, component video/audio output, eight pages of on-screen text writing, 512Hz sonde control, full-sized keyboard, internal battery (H12i) or 18v external Milwaukee® battery mount (H12).

Wi-Fi Camera Reels

Hathorn® DuraSCOPE™ Inspection Camera Reels offer the convenience of streaming video inspections to your Apple or Android mobile device. With a choice of 10 camera heads and lengths up to 400ft / 120m, all wireless! Use the free Hathorn® PipeSTREAM™ app to take screenshots, overlay voice commentary, and share videos on up to four devices. Save to your phone, email to your clients, or attach to your route management software seamlessly. All of these municipal grade Wi-Fi reels are compatible with 18V Milwaukee® batteries for the ultimate in portability.

Micron Camera Reels

Hathorn® Micron Camera Reels are available in Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi options. Being only 16lbs and 16” tall, they are easy to use with DuraCAM™ 7/8" or 1" straight view camera heads, HD picture quality, and auto-iris technology!

If you have questions about which Hathorn® inspection camera will work best for you and your business, contact 905-604-7040 or email:

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