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Best Sewer Camera Reviews

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Over time, Hathorn® has evolved and dominated the plumbing industry with their impressive suit of sewer cameras and other essentials. They have gradually developed into a household name and a respected corporation.

They consistently receive five-star sewer camera reviews, giving their customers peace of mind, knowing they are buying trust-worthy, long lasting equipment to get the job done right.

Many Reviews Are Too Good Not To Share:


“ Hathorn® is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. I first heard about them from another Mr.Rooter franchise on the Dealers Facebook page. Hathorn®’s cameras are not the cheapest on the market, but when you talk about quality vs. price, well they win my “JD Power Award” for initial quality! I bought a wireless reel from Hathorn for ease of portability and being a Mr. Rooter franchise, we use Service Titan on an iPad.  The wireless reel connects seamlessly to the iPad, so there is on need for an expensive monitor to break and I can also stream right to my customer’s phone while I work.  It’s a perfect pair!

​When I ran into a snag (literally – I was getting stuck in 3” cast iron elbows) the Hathorn® engineer 3D printed a tapered a skid on both ends and it eliminated the problem. Now that’s customer service!

​I’ve used a lot of different cameras, Spartan, Rigid, MyTana, Nevada, EasyCam, Wohler, but they are all gathering dust in the shop now. I’ve got two Hathorn® Wi-fi reels in the field right now and three more on the way. When something works, it’s worth the investment. I don’t think Hathorn® will be a secret for much longer. - Mark Jacobs (Mr. Rooter Savannah)


As a CIPP lining contractor, I have used most of the mini cameras on the market, with varying degrees of reliability and success. If my camera system is down, my whole operation is down. Hathorn® cameras are not only easy to use and maintain, they are the most reliable cameras I have ever come across. Brilliant! -  Andy Sherwin (Dassyloi Inc.)


Our company has twenty-five Hathorn® camera systems that get used every day. As a contracting firm we have come to count on the reliability and performance of these systems to get the job done every time. - Ophir Wainer (Promark-Telecon)


The proof is in their products, but their customer reviews confirm that Hathorn® offers world renowned products, with fair prices that are built to last, enabling you to get the job done right, every time.

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