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Top Inspection Cameras and Equipment In The Plumbing Industry

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

As Hathorn continues to experience considerable growth in the plumbing industry with their wide variety of inspection cameras and accessories, some of these impressive and innovative inspection cameras and command modules have been nominated as top inspection cameras in the market.

The Hathorn DuraSCOPE™ reels boast an impressive collection of eight different DuraCAM™ plumbing camera heads which includes straight-view and self-leveling models.

Their unique pushrods have been custom designed, enabling professionals to reach longer lengths than ever before and they are also compatible with all Hathorn command modules.

With an impressive reputation and durable equipment, suitable for all jobs, it is no surprise that Hathorn products have taken the top spot.

Top Inspection Cameras

The Hathorn M7 Camera System
M7 Inspection Camera System
  • A complete system with optional Wi-Fi PipeStream™, Wi-Fi and choice of DuraCAM™ Camera Heads

  • DuraCAM™ Self-Leveling camera heads are standard

  • Optional Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM™, stream/record with an App for Apple or Android

  • Lightweight unit

  • Powered by 18v Milwaukee™ or compatible batteries or 12V AC/DC adaptor

  • 7.4” shatter resistant LCD monitor

  • 512hz sonde control

  • Offers over four hours of runtime on a single charge

  • All M7s come equipped with 200ft of premium cable

  • Equipped with cool running, bright LED lights

H12 & H12i Control Modules
  • Available with PipeSTREAM™ Wi-Fi technology

  • Ideal for any light condition

  • Provides HD picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital pan and zoom technology

  • Military grade construction

  • Component video/audio output

  • 8 pages of on-screen text writing

  • Onscreen footage counter with reset

  • Full sized keyboard

  • 512hz sonde control

  • Genuinely North American made

  • Powered by either external 18V Milwaukee™ (H12) or an internal lithium ion battery (H12i)

  • Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM™ stream/record

  • Stream directly up to 4 devices (Apple or Android) at once, no 3rd party wi-fi required

  • DuraCAM™ self-leveling or straight view camera heads with HD picture quality and auto-iris technology

  • On-screen footage counter

  • 512hz sonde control and reset

  • Powered by external 18V Milwaukee™ battery

  • Industry leading HDPE premium cable

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