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Why a Sewer Inspection is Critical Before Buying a House

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Homebuyers do not think twice about getting a home inspection before closing on what could be their most significant asset. Generally, this entails what can be seen with the naked eye, including the structure, roof, and electrical and mechanical systems. Most homebuyers are missing one critical mistake, and the piece is the inspection of their sewer line / lateral line leading from the home to the municipal main.

Let’s say the homeowner doesn’t do a sewer line inspection, they move in, and two weeks later, the system backs up. They may blame the previous homeowner or their home inspection company for not bringing it to their attention.

Why a Sewer Inspection is Critical Before Buying a House

Today, more insurance companies require sewer inspections to be completed before a house sale closes. Why not set yourself apart from the other home inspection companies in your area and offer homeowners peace of mind with a sewer inspection as part of your home inspection service or generate a new revenue stream with lateral inspection as an add-on service?

Equipping yourself to perform sewer/lateral inspections is easy, with specialized Drain Cameras from Hathorn. If you’re in an area with older homes, your clients are at an even greater risk for sewer line issues like breakage and root intrusion.

Unfortunately, most home inspectors fail to examine the sewer lines, which can be a critical and costly mistake. Don’t let this be you!

What Causes Sewer Line Blockages?

  • Roots: Tree roots are the biggest offender for blocking sewer lines as they constantly try to get to the water, and a pipe with a crack is easy to access.

  • Settling: Sewer lines placed in improperly compacted soil can create low spots or bellies in the pipe.

  • Pipe material: Many older homes were sewer-connected by clay or concrete tiles. These are segmented lengths of brittle pipe material that crack over time from root invasion or changing ground conditions.

  • Poor installation: The most common problems are improper joints with severe angles and poorly fitted connections.

Don’t Overlook Sewer Systems

Yes, a Sewer Camera system is often considered out of sight and out of mind, but in reality, a sewer system is an extension of the home’s plumbing system.

That’s where things can get complicated. If a severe plumbing backup happens right after your customer moves into their newly purchased home, fingers will start to get pointed. Someone has to pay for the damage. This is preventable if only someone thought to have an inexpensive sewer line inspection done, it could also save your customer thousands of dollars on the house price. A video inspection will quickly identify pipe materials and raise a red flag for current or future problems.

Convenient Streaming to Your Mobile Device with Wi-Fi Inspection Cameras

Hathorn Wi-Fi Reels offer home inspectors the convenience of streaming video inspections to Apple and/or Android mobile devices! You can take screenshots, overlay voice commentary, and share videos with up to four devices!

Protect your client and protect yourself. Drain inspection cameras for home inspections are a great tool in the toolbox. They are easy to use and can generate added revenue for you.

Contact Hathorn today to find out which inspection camera for drains fits your business.

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