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What Problems Can A Sewer Inspection Camera Detect?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Life is like a sewer; what you get out of it depends on what you put into it!


A clogged sewer line can be costly to fix when you don’t know the problem or where it is coming from. A sewer inspection camera to see through the drain line and understand what is happening inside will make the situation much more accessible. Once the problem is found, your plumbing professional can suggest a solution.

Here Are Eight Problems a Sewer Inspection Camera Can Find:

1. Clogs In Pipes

This is the most common sewer blockage

The problem among residential homes. Using a sewer inspection camera will allow your plumbing professional to see the root of the problem and remove it at the source.

2. Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots around your property can penetrate through pipes, searching for water underground. Once the seeds have broken through the line, things can get trapped inside, and a blockage may arise.

3. Cracked Pipes

An inspection camera will help detect cracks, leaks, or broken pipes. If there are issues in the pipe, this can lead to increased water bills.

4. Grease Blockages

This is very common among commercial properties. Blockages occur when small plazas have many restaurants and don’t keep up with their grease traps.

5. Collapsed Pipes

Using an inspection camera, a plumber can tell if a pipe is collapsed or damaged and where the problem is.

6. Sagging Pipes

When a pipe sags, it becomes bellied. Dirt, debris, and other waste get caught up in the sag, often leading to repeat blockages. An inspection camera can find the location of the sagging pipe.

7. Major Blockages

When waste, hair, paper, and other materials go through the sewer drain, the build-up can cause a severe blockage in the pipes.

8. Rusted Pipes

Metal pipes are prone to rust over time. When the metal corrodes, it becomes weak and may lead to cracks in the line. If the corrosion is not dealt with, it can spread with time.

Using a sewer inspection camera to investigate your sewer pipes is essential to prevent problems before they arise. If you notice your drains backing up, leaks from gutters, or puddles forming in your yard, you might have a problem with a sewer line. For inspection camera reels and modules, visit Hathorn® Product Page.

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