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The Best Sewer Inspection Camera for the Job

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Since their introduction to the marketplace decades ago, sewer inspection cameras have advanced considerably, changing the way plumbers work. Many plumbers rely on a camera to assess the condition of a pipe and examine blockages before clearing it. This has become especially important with the rise of cross-bore issues (service pipes like natural gas inadvertently being installed through the sewer line, causing a blockage) Blindly putting a cleaning device down a pipe with a cross-bore issue could accidentally rupture a gas service line and cause an explosion. Some states are making it a legal necessity to camera a line before attempting to clear it, possibly preventing a terrible loss of life and/or property.

As a critical diagnostic tool, sewer cameras continue to be used by Plumbing professionals to diagnose issues inside or with the actual structure of all kinds of pipes throughout North America and the World.

A well-established camera company, founded in 2003, Hathorn® Inspection Cameras has become a leading sewer camera brand, known for impressive durability, having thousands of precision-built cameras in use, in the field throughout the USA, Canada and Australia.

A few things to consider before purchasing a Sewer Inspection Camera:

  • What kind of camera features you require for your work? (Reel size, rod size, monitor, Wi-Fi function etc.)

  • What is the pipe size you typically work in? (This is important and determines camera head size you will need for your work.)

  • What sewer camera price range you’re looking for? (When looking at different systems, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Paying a little bit more for a quality camera up front prevents a lot of heartache when cheaper cameras fail repeatedly in the field.)

  • How easy is it to get your camera repaired? (Your camera isn’t making you money unless it’s in the ground.)

  • Do they have a realistic warranty? (“Limited lifetime” warranties don’t seem to cover much when something goes wrong.)

There are many sewer inspection cameras brands on the market that all offer various benefits and different levels of quality. Researching these important points before you make a purchase will eliminate a lot of downtime and frustration further down the line.

Now to make the choice: What sewer inspection camera is right for your project?

Once you have established a budget and nailed down the key features you want, finding a sewer inspection camera can be a simple choice.

If you’re shopping around, it is important to always inquire about warranty, after-sales support, and estimated maintenance costs to avoid any unexpected added expenses.


Hathorn Inspection Cameras has the market's largest selection of push camera options.

At Hathorn, we like to have a call with our customers to ensure they are set up for success and outfit them with the best sewer line camera possible for their work. Our Hathorn Rep is a professional and can guide you through the purchasing experience, making sure you get the best tool for your work, built to spec, quickly and with the legendary quality Hathorn Cameras are known for.

Get to Know the Hathorn® DuraSCOPE™Cameras

Hathorn® DuraSCOPE™ are designed to work with any Hathorn® control module, past, present or future, to future proof your investment. These municipal grade camera reels come fitted with your choice of DuraCAM™ self-leveling or straight view camera head, all equipped with super bright cool running LEDs for optimal HD picture quality.

Depending on size we offer a Mini, Mid, Large and XL inspection reel to get the job done right, every time.

Level Up with Hathorn Wi-Fi Cameras

Hathorn®'s Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE™ inspection camera reels offer the convenience of streaming video inspections to your Apple or Android mobile device using our free Hathorn® App! Take screen shots, overlay voice commentary and share videos with up to four devices.

Save to your phone, email to your clients or attach to your route management software seamlessly.

Hathorn® Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE™ inspection cameras for drains reels are a highly portable camera, trusted by plumbers, municipalities, contractors and home inspectors to deliver a high definition, recordable video inspections.

Want to learn more? Call us anytime to discuss the options at 1-866-428-4676 or send us a message.

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