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How To Choose The Right Sewer Inspection Camera?

A sewer inspection camera consists of a snake-like cable attached to a small, adaptable sewage camera, which is a useful tool for plumbers to use to identify problems with sewer lines. With the help of the sewer inspection camera, homeowners may avoid expensive repairs.

The debut of cameras for sewer inspection represents one of the significant and beneficial advances in plumbing technology. A non-intrusive and cost-effective way to examine sewers is via video sewer line inspection. Using a video sewer inspection camera, your plumber can quickly and precisely identify your problems. At the same time, you can view the condition of your sewer line in real-time time.

Sewer Camera Monitor

The dimensions and resolution of the screen have the biggest effects on its quality. In general, the clarity of the viewing improves with greater size and better resolution. You may select items with larger screens like the Hathorn H12+ which has the brightest 12" impact-resistant screen in the industry. If you are looking for something more compact, the H7 has the brightest 7" impact-resistant screen in its class.

Camera Head

The quantity of LED light beads and the type of camera head are the key factors that affect camera quality. You can see more clearly since there is adequate light because sewer inspection cameras are deployed to scan difficult-to-see places, often with no light. It helps to view things better with a brighter light source.

Hathorn offers various camera sizes depending on the work you do. In addition, you can adjust the brightness to provide the desired effect.

Given the camera's exposure to a somewhat tough environment, it is advised that you use a sturdy and drop-resistant stainless-steel material. Stainless steel camera heads can protect the camera from damage.

Self-leveling Function

No matter how the camera is oriented, self-leveling models can always produce crisp images, giving plumbing repair specialists a clear view of the pipe. It facilitates user orientation, is crucial to pipe maintenance, and facilitates proper pipe inspections.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

By having Wi-Fi connectivity for these devices, you not only gain the ability to view your video inspections on the main screen of either system but also have the option to directly stream your video inspections to up to three Apple or Android mobile devices using the complimentary Hathorn app.

Similar to all of Hathorn's Wi-Fi components, this high-powered module boasts the capacity to establish a connection with devices situated up to 200 meters away. It can swiftly initiate within a mere 15 seconds, experiences a minimal delay of under 150 milliseconds, and remains operational within a temperature range of -10 to +50 °C.

To enhance user convenience, individuals can conveniently save videos directly onto their devices. Moreover, they can insert a USB key compatible with phones, transmit videos via email to clients, or seamlessly integrate them into their route management software.

Push Rod

The push rod length determines the maximum range of your sewer inspection camera. Hathorn reels are available in five different sizes and our customer designed push rod comes in lengths from 100 to 500 ft allowing you to push farther than ever before, no matter what the job.

The material from which the insertion probe of a drain camera is made is another aspect that needs to be considered. Push rods with PVC covers will give you the durability you require for most operations.

However, you should be aware that due to intensive sewer inspection cameras, these might become worn out. You may feel secure knowing that the hardware on a sewer camera with a woven insertion probe is far more robust and long-lasting.


It is advisable to ensure the durability of the sewer inspection camera you choose to acquire. Opting for insertion probes that possess waterproof and chemical-resistant properties, along with the ability to endure pressure, can significantly extend the lifespan of the camera.

By investing in a pipe camera equipped with these attributes, you can effectively prolong and maintain the longevity of your equipment. This helps mitigate concerns regarding rapid damage or aging that might otherwise occur.

Weight and Handle

If the prospect of purchasing a sewer inspection camera is on your mind, it's important to verify that it aligns with your requirements regarding its weight and handling. At Hathorn Inspection Cameras, we offer an extensive selection of plumbing cameras tailored to cater to your precise needs.

For larger pipe camera models, opting for one equipped with carrying wheels is advisable. This choice significantly reduces the need for heavy lifting and transporting, making it notably more convenient to transition between assignments before heading back to your office.

Radio Transmitters

Consider purchasing a sewer inspection camera with a radio transmitter. These work in a 512 Hz frequency range and assist your drain camera in locating obstructions or even the sewer camera itself.

Key Takeaways

Opting for the appropriate sewer inspection camera holds immense importance as it can markedly influence the efficiency of sewer repairs and maintenance. A comprehensive assessment encompassing all pertinent factors is imperative. Essential considerations encompass the pipeline's type and dimensions, the objective of the inspection (diagnostic or routine), desired photographic clarity, and the allocated budget.

Equally critical is the camera's technological prowess, encompassing features like illumination capabilities, flexibility of the camera head, and compatibility with recording equipment. Ensuring an enlightened choice not only facilitates accurate diagnosis but also aids in cost savings, minimizes disruptions, and optimizes overall sewer maintenance endeavors.

To help you choose the right sewer inspection camera, contact us at Hathorn Inspection Cameras today or give our sales team a call at 1-866-428-4676.

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