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Fascinating Plumbing Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

There is a lot more to plumbing than clearing clogged drains and stopping leaks that aren't desirable. Every year on March 11th, people worldwide observe World Plumbing Day. The World Plumbing Council created this day to acknowledge the critical part that plumbing plays in civilization. These intricate systems play a significant role in securing our houses and maintaining our general health.

Our plumbers are aware of the significance of safe plumbing for your well-being. We have compiled fascinating and international plumbing facts about World Plumbing Day.

A Leaking Faucet Uses A Gallon Of Water Daily!

The most exciting plumbing fact is that unexpected leaks can be troublesome for several causes, but if they go unfixed, they can dramatically drive up your water bill. For instance, a dripping faucet that leaks twice a minute might use more than one gallon of water weekly.

John Harrington Created The Flushing Toilet In 1596

Have you ever questioned the origin of the term "The John" for the bathroom? This moniker was given to the man who created the flushing toilet, John Harrington. The fun plumbing fact is that the flushing toilet was developed by John in 1596, which is more than 500 years ago!

Do Not Set the Hot Water Heater Above 125°f

Another plumbing fact is that incorrect hot water handling is harmful. Because water that is 140 °F may burn your skin in seconds, you shouldn't set the water heater to a temperature higher than 125 °F. Aside from that, water at 160 °F may burn your skin in only a half-second.

A Person Spends 3 Years Of Their Life In The Toilet.

The toilet is a daily necessity for everyone on Earth. Have you ever wondered how much time we spend using the restroom during our lives? The plumbing fact is that the average individual sits on the toilet for three years.

A Short Flush Toilet Saves Water

Another important plumbing fact is that everyone should be more aware of water issues. Consider installing a low-flush toilet to save up to 18,000 gallons of water annually!

The First American City With Indoor Plumbing Was Boston

The Tremont Hotel in Boston was the country's first to install indoor plumbing in 1829. Nevertheless, evidence suggests the Egyptians used indoor plumbing as early as 2500 B.C.

Plungers Come In Two Different Varieties

Another fact about plumbing is that two plungers are used in the plumbing industry: a shower/sink plunger and a toilet plunger.

A toilet plunger with a narrow bottom fits within the bowl to unclog the toilet. The shower/sink plunger, however, is flat. Utilising the appropriate plunger for the problem is essential for the best outcomes.

Albert Einstein Wanted To Be A Plumber In A Future Life

Another plumbing fun fact is that: According to rumours, if he could choose again, Albert Einstein would decide to become a plumber. As a result, he was appointed an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union.

Plumbing Fact about Al Moen and the Single-Handle Faucet

Did you know this knowledgeable plumbing fact? The invention of the single-handle faucet with a single turn for hot and cold water is groundbreaking! And in 1939, a guy named Al Moen created this.

Moen is still among the most recognizable brands in the bathroom and kitchen faucet business today.

Copper Is The Main Material Used In Plumbing

The main component of indoor plumbing is copper pipe. Most of the lines in our house are made of this material.

Super Mario's Mario And Luigi Are Plumbers

Plumbing has become a hip profession. Did you know this cartoon plumber fact?

The video game characters Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers were plumbers, a little-known truth.

The Term "Smelly House" Means Bathroom In French

There are several names for the "bathroom" in various cultures. The fascinating expression is "la Chambre sent" in French, meaning "smelly house" when translated literally.

Watering Savings By Insulating Your Pipes

Another plumbing fact you must consider is saving water by wasting less time waiting for the water to heat up when your pipes are insulated.

By doing this, you may lessen the heat that is wasted as the water moves from the heater to the faucet.

Key Takeaways

Plumbing is an exciting but sometimes ignored profession. Various fascinating plumbing facts, from ancient civilizations' inventive systems to current plumbing camera technology is worth sharing. Knowing more about plumbing facts broadens our understanding and enables us to appreciate the diligent job performed by plumbers to secure our comfort and well-being. Consider the complex pipeline system and techniques that make it all possible whenever you turn on the faucet and flush the toilet.

Investigating plumbing facts could turn a dry subject into an engaging voyage of discovery. Accept the benefits of plumbing and broaden your understanding of this crucial facet of contemporary living.

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