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Pipe Inspection Equipment with Wi-Fi Reel Options

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

What is it? What features does it have? Why should I buy it?

Not only are the Hathorn® Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE reels designed for durability but can sync with any Apple or Android mobile device. These innovative reels also stand out above the rest as they are wireless. Clients can also choose from 10 camera heads with many pushrod length options of up to 500 feet.

With a reel armed with steel framed construction, a stainless-steel camera head, and a variation of pushrod sizes, your team will be able to get the job done more efficiently. With Hathorn®, clients have many options, equipping them for any career and requirements.

Pipe Inspection Equipment
Hathorn Wi-Fi Reels

With so many impressive features, the Hathorn® Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE inspection reels have always been a reliable choice for plumbers, municipalities, general contractors, home inspectors, petrochemical companies, and mining engineers.

The Wi-Fi reels always produce high-definition video inspections that allow professionals to get the job done right the first time.

Pipe Inspection Equipment with Wi-Fi Reels can:

  • Stream video directly to your mobile device

  • Record, take screenshots, make voice commentary and share video inspections

  • All Wi-Fi reels are municipal grade and are compatible with 18V Milwaukee batteries

  • Fitted with your choice of DuraCAM™ self-leveling or straight view drain inspection camera heads

  • All camera heads are equipped with super bright cool running LEDs for optimal HD picture quality

Pipe inspection equipment Wi-Fi reels are available in mini, mid, and large sizes. Sewer line cameras come in four camera head sizes self-leveling or straight view. The middle and the large reels are available with three camera head sizes. And while the smaller reel sizes offer up to 200 feet of the pushrod, the practical option boasts ample pushrod up to 500 feet.

With so many options and features, the Hathorn Sewer Line Cameras are suited for any professional and job.

Checkout the 360 View of the Micron Wi-Fi Reel

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