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Looking for a Pipe Inspection Camera?

Hathorn® has become a leading drain inspection camera company with thousands of precision-built cameras throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia.

A Pipe Inspection Camera is a tool used to collect data for inspection purposes for Drains problems. Drains problems could start at any time and can turn the excitement of home ownership into a nightmare. The elements of this nightmare could be:

● a flooded basement

● backed up drains

● a powerful sewage smell in the house

● ruined furniture and damaged floors

Paying someone to inspect your sewer line is much cheaper than having your yard dug up and repaired when you don’t know where to start.

With the Pipe Inspection Camera, they can see the problem, accurately assess how far out it is, and know where to dig. In most cases, they will also know what material was installed on your property by the type of connector used to join the pipes.

You may also find out that part of your line has collapsed under the pressure of backfilling and creating a blockage. In any event, since we have the technology to prevent disasters, why not use it? We at recommend a video Pipe Inspection Camera of the drain system for older homes and newer ones.

It ensures that nothing is stuck inside the drain pipe, which would stop the flow and cause a backed-up drain and flooding. It is much better to rest assured after a complete drain inspection rather than take a gamble. In the long run, it could save you and your insurance company a fortune in repairs.

We at believe that preventative maintenance is the best battle plan. Hathorn® manufactures plumbing inspection cameras for sewer and drain systems that are municipal grade and proudly designed and manufactured in North America.

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