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M7 Complete System - Inspection Camera for Drains

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

What is it? What features does it have? Why should I buy it?

The M7 complete system inspection camera for drains is known for its durability and key features.

Inspection cameras for drains are an essential component when determining your plumbing situation and what course of action in needed for repairs or pipe replacement.

The M7 complete system is often the number one choice for drains and can be used to detect a blockage. The M7 is also commonly used for non-plumbing issues such as home inspections.

M7 Complete System Inspection Camera for Drains
M7 Inspection Camera for Drains

The Hathorn M7 systems flaunt a 7.4” shatter resistant LCD monitor and are compatible with 18V Milwaukee™ or equivalent batteries for supreme convenience. A single charge enables professionals to utilize the equipment for over four hours of runtime.

All M7 systems also come equipped with 200 feet of quality cable. Uniquely, this innovative machine also allows buyers to choose what DuraCAM™ camera head best suits their needs.

The M7 also features cool running, super bright, LED lights and is continuously trusted and recommended by hundreds of North American professionals.

Drain Inspection Camera Features, Features, Features!
  • DuraCAM™ Self-Leveling camera heads are standard

  • Optional WiFi PipeSTREAM™stream/record (App for Apple or Android)

  • Light weight unit - 16kg/35lbs

  • 512hz sonde control

  • DuraCAM™ self-leveling or straight view camera heads with HD picture quality and auto-iris technology

  • Choice of premium push-rod with HDPE jacket

  • Sonde – 512 Hz High-power

  • Operating Temperature – -30C to 60C

  • Ingress protection of reel and camera head

  • Dimensions – 33” x 19” x 16”

  • Weight – 20kg / 45lbs

With the M7 complete system, professionals can determine where and what the problem is, allowing them to deliver an appropriate plan. Today, plumbing professionals across the nation are often equipped with inspection cameras for drains like the M7 to ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Watch the Hathorn M7 Complete System Video

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