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Inspection Camera for Drains

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Inspection cameras for drains can be vital in determining your plumbing situation and what course of action is needed for repairs or pipe replacement.

Inspection cameras for drains are often used to detect a blockage but are also commonly used for non-plumbing issues such as home inspections.

Before purchasing a home, buyers should always acquire a sewer inspection if the house is more than 20 years old, as it is pretty standard for tree roots to invade the pipes on the property.

Suppose a property owner is experiencing plumbing problems that extend beyond the home's sink drainpipe. In that case, the issue could be tree roots that have compromised the sewer line, which can always be determined with a sewer camera.

To complete a pipe inspection, plumbers will use a sewer video camera connected to a flexible cable. The cable will be inserted into the main sewer line of your home. Plumbers will then use a monitor to inspect as the camera moves through the plumbing line.

Before inspection cameras for drains are needed, it is often recommended to clean sewer lines every 18 to 22 months to prevent damage and costly repairs.

Often, a sewer line will show obvious signs that it needs replacement.

  • If your toilet is making gurgling noises

  • Water is draining very slowly

  • A foul sewer smell in or around your house

  • Patches of your lawn that seem to be moving or sinking could indicate that your sewer line is failing.

But to be sure, an inspection camera for drains will determine where and what the problem is, enabling professionals to execute an appropriate plan. Today, thousands of precision-built cameras have been utilized from California to Canada to Australia. Professionals are often equipped with inspection cameras for drains that operate in the harshest conditions to ensure every job is done efficiently.

Contact Your Local Plumbing Company for an Inspection. Make Sure it's with a Hathorn.

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