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Hathorn Sewer Camera Repair Centres

Hathorn is the leading manufacturer of push camera systems that are available worldwide. With such an impressive and large roster of clientele, Hathorn is also equipped with countless dealers and repair centres across the globe, ensuring their customers receive top quality assistance when needed.

The Hathorn push camera systems are municipal grade, manufactured in North America with prices that can’t be beat. The camera systems are commonly used across the United States, Canada and Australia to deliver high quality video for home inspections and inspecting pipe


Hathorn offers an array of products for home inspectors, plumbing companies, municipalities and tool rental businesses.

The Hathorn dealers cover a vast amount of territory, enabling professionals to obtain service and repair for their equipment at any time. And while Hathorn products have earned the title as the front runner in the plumbing industry, they also offer premium customer service.

As their inspection cameras are proudly manufactured at the Hathorn North American manufacturing facility, they always come with an impressive warranty. All Hathorn Corporation products come with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturers defects on all parts and labor.

Hathorn officials stand behind their North American design and the workmanship that goes into their products. Their team will work with customers to ensure their problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Hathorn products can be repaired at their factory locations in Toronto, Canada and Columbus, Ohio. The Hathorn corporation also offers service through their impressive network of dealers and repair centers throughout North America and Australia. “We understand that tools only make you money when they are in the ground,” states Hathorn officials.

Hathorn boasts one of the most impressive turnaround times for repairs as they truly understand the importance of getting your equipment back to the job site immediately.
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