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Hathorn Launches “Show Us Your Pipes” Contest

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Hathorn is pleased to launch the “Show Us Your Pipes” Contest in an effort to shine light on North America’s aging infrastructure. From corrosion to blockages and root intrusion, drainpipes are susceptible to failure and will eventually require a sewer camera inspection to identify the issue.

Hathorn wants to see the craziest thing you have caught on your sewer camera, whether it is a 3-foot crack, a huge tree root, a diamond ring or a sewer rat, have your sewer camera ready and show Hathorn your pipes to win.

The winner will win a Hathorn Prize Pack consisting of a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a Hathorn Ball Cap.

Keep the submissions coming because there will be a draw every month!

Simply fill out the short form on the Hathorn website, ensuring you either include a photo or short video of the craziest thing you've caught on camera during a pipe inspection.

About Hathorn Corporation

Hathorn manufactures push camera systems for drainpipes that are Municipal Grade, proudly designed and manufactured in North America and priced within reach of every plumber and municipality.

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