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Hathorn Exclusive With Bob Scullion & Associates

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Bob Scullion & Associates, BSA, a leading, United States distributor of equipment and tools for industrial, pipeline, and the gas utility industries has recently decided to exclusively recommend and sell Hathorn branded inspection cameras to their clients.

With over 40 years of experience, and an impeccable reputation in the natural gas industry, choosing to recommend Hathorn was an easy choice. According to the BSA team, they chose Hathorn because it was the only inspection camera company that could produce a quality North American made product with the specs that their gas utility customers are looking for.

“Columbia Gas, who has a footprint across seven states, gave us specific tool requirements for their projects and Hathorn was not only able to meet those needs, but also able to meet Columbia’s deadlines. Hathorn was also very helpful and reactive to sales questions and customer service when needed,” they said.

BSA worked for over a year to strike a deal with Columbia Gas, to supply them with Hathorn inspection cameras for their pipe inspection and cross-bore projects. Recently achieving that agreement has been a major milestone for the company.

Bob Scullion & Associates is known for their dedication to provide cost efficient and reliable equipment. With their knowledge and expertise, the company is consistently able to meet the needs of both existing and prospective customers.

Bob started his career at Equitable Gas Company in Pittsburgh, PA. and is a third-generation gas industry professional. In 2004, Bob Scullion founded Bob Scullion & Associates to supply the best tools in the industry to the companies his family has worked with for generations. Shortly afterwards Bob’s daughter Ashlie joined the company to make it four generations of serving the gas industry.

As the natural gas distribution industry evolves, the team at BSA finds themselves adapting to new ideas and concepts putting them at the forefront of industry innovation. Together they are able to bring the most reliable and effective tools to market to ensure their customers continue to work in the most efficient and safe ways possible ensuring energy supplies continue to flow and workers remain safe on the job

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