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Pipe Inspection Equipment | H12 Command Module with Features & Reel – Leading the Industry

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

H12 Command Module Pipe Inspection Equipment – What Is It?

Pipe Inspection Equipment M18

The Hathorn H12 Control Module is one of the leading choices in the plumbing sector and it's abilities and features are sure to impress. The Hathorn H12 boasts stunning HD picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital pan and zoom technology. With these impressive features, the H12 has been recognized for revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.

Pipe Inspection Equipment like the H12 comes standard with a 12.1” VividHD LCD screen with almost twice the brightness of the leading brand, ranking it the largest and best daylight readable monitor in the industry. It provides optimal image quality in any light condition, including direct sunlight, enabling professionals to operate the H12 in any location, regardless of the weather conditions.

Pipe Inspection Equipment

H12 Features:

  • 12.1” VividHD LCD screen that is daylight readable and impact resistant

  • Compatible with Milwaukee 18V or equivalent batteries for portability and extended run time

  • One touch USB recording, video pause, and playback

  • Adjustable camera head lighting

  • Component video/audio output

  • 8 pages of on-screen text writing using a full-sized keyboard

  • Onscreen footage counter in feet and meters with reset

  • Video voice over capability

  • 512Hz sonde control

  • Available with Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM stream/record

  • North American Made

But Wait, There’s More!

The H12 offers a dimmable camera head lighting control and also features an integrated microphone and speaker. As opposed to the competition, which is made of plastic, the H12 is equipped with machined military grade aluminum connectors, internal mounts and face plate. The H12 truly is a step above in quality and durability.

Hathorn continues to take the lead in plumbing inspection cameras. Hathorn products are known for their durability and efficiency, assisting hundreds of plumbing companies, municipalities and dealers in getting the job done right.

Watch the Hathorn H12 Command Module Tutorial

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