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The H12+ and H7 - Upgraded!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Hathorn Inspection Cameras is proud to announce that our two most popular products, the H12+ Control Module and the H7 Camera System are now available with Wi-Fi!

Hathorn Inspection Cameras’ industry-leading pipe and sewer cameras keep getting better. Announcing the release of the Wi-Fi versions of our H12+ and H7 available today!

Like all Hathorn products, these new systems are designed and manufactured in North America. They are priced within reach of every plumber and municipality, and built with Hathorn's industry-leading durability.

Why Do I need Wi-Fi?

Having Wi-Fi for these devices means that not only can you view your video inspections on the main screen of either system, but you can also stream your video inspections directly to three Apple or Android mobile devices using the free Hathorn app.

Like all Hathorn’s Wi-Fi components, this high-powered module can reach devices that are up to 200 metres away, can boot up in less than 15 seconds, has a delay of less than 150ms and can function between -10 and +50 °C.

For added convenience, users can save videos directly to their devices, insert a phone-compatible USB key, email to your clients or attach to your route management software seamlessly.

The H12+ - The Best of the Best

Originally introduced earlier this year, the H12+ was already in a class of its own with the brightest, daylight-readable 12” screen in the industry.

It has almost three times the brightness of the leading brand providing stunning picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan & zoom” technology revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.

The new H12+ has menus in three languages (English, French and Spanish), compatibility with all Hathorn reels from 100-500ft., unique information bar and text overlay options, two sonde frequencies (512Hz & 640Hz) and industry-leading file storage.  Like all Hathorn systems, the H12+ is powered by an 18V Milwaukee or equivalent batteries.

The H7 – A Little Powerhouse

Our H7 Camera System is the one Hathorn product that we get asked about the most. Coming standard with a 7” daylight-readable, shatter-resistant monitor, the H7 comes equipped with 200ft. of premium cable and your choice of camera heads, all with cool-running super bright LED lights.

This easy-to-use, portable system weighs only 35lbs/16kg making it perfect for any small-to-medium type job. All H7s come standard with a 512 Hz sonde frequency and is powered by an 18V Milwaukee or equivalent batteries.

About Hathorn Inspection Cameras

To learn more about how a Wi-Fi enabled H12+ or H7 can help your business, contact us at Hathorn Inspection Cameras today or give our sales team a call at 1-866-428-4676.

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