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The Best Small Pipe Camera - Micron by Hathorn

All too often a sewer back up, pipe damage or other issue of concern requires a professional to solve a big problem that is housed in a very small space. But to find the issue and properly resolve it, a proper, reliable pipe inspection camera is required. Thankfully, Hathorn provides the broadest suite of inspection cameras in the plumbing sector including the Micron which never ceases to amaze. Boasting versatility, ruggedness and ease of use, this small and mighty machine is the leading choice for jobs in small spaces.

Micron DuraSCOPE camera reels can be used with any Hathorn control module, past present or future whereas the Wi-Fi PipeStream version is designed for use with your own mobile Apple or Android device. Hathorn’s DuraCAM heads are equipped with bright, cool running LEDs for optimal picture quality. With so many impressive features, Micron reels offer ultimate portability and that keep professionals on the job for longer.

Micron Inspection Camera Reel by Hathorn

Easy To Use & Mobile

  • Easily inspect pipes from 1.5” to 3”

  • Camera Heads – choice of DuraCAM 7/8" or 1" straight view camera heads with auto-iris technology

  • Impressively lightweight, take it anywhere, weighs only 16 lbs. and is 16" tall yet constructed with a sturdy steel frame and basket. No flimsy plastic here!


  • Wi-Fi version compatibility – take it anywhere with Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM stream/record (App for Apple or Android). Stream/record to four devices at the same time

  • Wi-Fi option is powered by an external MilwaukeeTM 18V or compatible battery that lasts up to 6 hours

  • Non Wi-Fi versions are compatible with all existing and future Hathorn control modules

Small But Mighty

  • Premium 1/4” push rod with HDPE jacket

  • Stainless steel camera heads and springs

  • Butt-welded steel frame construction

If you have questions about which Hathorn® inspection camera will work best for you and your business, contact 905-604-7040 or email:

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