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Sewer Inspections For Older Homes

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

First-time homebuyers can easily overlook their new home’s sewer lines by not having an inspection done. Avoiding a review will only lead to more problems.

Who should get a sewer inspection?

Home buyers should know what they are dealing with underneath their new house. Having a sewer inspection done before the deal on the house is closed is key to saving you a potentially costly bill.

If a problem is caught before the home is closed, the previous homeowner will likely give a credit on the house price to have the pipe fixed. A pricy repair could hurt their wallet if the homebuyer waits until months after the house is closed.

Why you need sewer inspections?

Sewer inspections are vital to know what is going on below your house. Buyers should always have a sewer inspection done on a home older than 20.

Sewer lines can extend for hundreds of feet underneath a property. Problems can include sewer lines with tree roots, cracks, clogs, or deteriorating pipes.

How it works?

Sewer inspections are made easy by plumbers. Plumbers have cameras, like Hathorn® Camera Reels, to inspect drains and sewer lines underneath properties.

The plumber begins by inserting a reel into the cleanout, with a video camera attached to the end. The revolution will travel through the sewer, recording any problems found. Inspections are a quick process and take only a few minutes to travel through sewer lines. This technique allows the plumber to find out the condition of the line and recommend a solution.

Different materials are used for sewer lines, including cast iron, PVC plastic, and clay. If any problems are found, a cost-efficient solution is trenchless sewers. This technique includes pulling a new sewer line through the old one.

If you're a plumber, why use a Hathorn Camera for the job?

Hathorn® Inspection Cameras provide a municipal grade, legendary durability, and affordability. Proudly designed and manufactured in North America, our inspection cameras are priced within reach of every plumber and municipality.

Contact Hathorn® by calling 905-604-7040 or email:

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