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Residential Home Sewer Blockage Inspected with Hathorn Camera

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

A Vancouver homeowner was suffering from a blockage in their sewer main and decided to call Pioneer Plumbing to investigate.

The professionals from Pioneer Plumbing began inspecting the line with the Hathorn Mid-Size Wi-Fi Camera Reel and were able to access a clean out using the 200ft push rod. By threading the camera reel through the pipe, they were able to have a clear video stream of what is inside the line. Get a 360º view of the Mid-Size Wi-Fi Reel.

Using the Hathorn® camera head, the technician was able to locate the source of the problem. Approximately 30ft away, the four-inch pipe was filled almost fifty percent with dirt and rocks.

For Pioneer Plumbing and the homeowner, it was clear what the problem was and how to best correct the situation. The result of the inspection was that the homeowner chose to replace the sewer main as opposed to a spot repair because the possibility of this happening again was high.

Hathorn® Wi-Fi Camera Reels are easy to use, versatile, rugged, and mobile with its Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM™ recording feature. They are compatible with 18V Milwuakee™ or equivalent batteries, for ultimate portability and hours of runtime. You can stream video inspections on up to four Apple or Android mobile devices as once.

Driven by dedication to quality workmanship and remaining North American made, Hathorn® designs and manufactures products in Toronto, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio.

Hathorn® is known for municipal grade, legendary durability and affordability. Hathorn® products operate in the harshest conditions, day after day, keeping you on the job longer. DuraSCOPEWi-Fi camera reels are built North American Tough and priced within reach of every plumber to municipality.

If you are searching for a quality, reliable and rugged inspection camera, Hathorn® is the trusted leading brand.

Contact Hathorn® by calling: 905-604-7040 or email:

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