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Pipe Inspection Equipment from Hathorn Used By Hi-Limit Plumbing

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

When a homeowner’s tub and toilet began to back up, panic set in and the professionals at Hi-Limit Plumbing and Heating, a local, family owned and operated business, serving Campbell River, BC and the surrounding area since 2019, were called to the scene. The property’s septic installer previously confirmed that there was an obvious issue upstream from the septic tank inlet.

pipe inspection equipment
Pipe Inspection Equipment Used by Hi-Limit Plumbing

Equipped with pipe inspection equipment including Large Wi-Fi Camera Reel they purchased from The Drain Camera Shop owner Joe Brasseur, Hathorn's Western Canada dealer, plumbing officials tried to access the septic inlet to determine if the blockage was within reach or visible.

This equipment is often a common choice for professional plumbers as it also enables them to determine the distance between them and the blockage by using the footage counter on the reel.

Eventually, a blockage was discovered about 40 feet in and a sectional cable was utilized to attempt to clear the obstacle, with no luck.

Quickly and efficiently, experts took a sectional machine to the roof of the house to approach the problem from the other direction. This method allowed the plumbing officials to restore the flow.

As many plumbing companies offer a wide range of drainage clearing services, Hathorn systems and equipment are the prevalent choice that continues to get the job done proficiently, without delay. When using Hathorn products, professionals can determine if the line is clear while detecting any problem that may exist.

Pipe Inspection Equipment Solves Plumbing Issue

Once the flow was restored, the Micron Wi-Fi Reel pipe inspection equipment was brought to the roof of the home as it is compact and cordless, a safe option to handle while travelling up ladders. The Hathorn Micron Wi-Fi Reel can effortlessly stream video to an iPhone or iPad, which enabled the team to identify a collapsed and misaligned pipe in the customer’s sewer that was instigating the tub and toilet to back up.

Pipe Inspection Equipment
Hathorn Micron Pipe Inspection Equipment

Armed with Hathorn camera equipment, the flow was restored, the problem was identified, and a solution was executed, providing the customer with peace of mind and a home that is functioning and operating as it should.

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