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Hathorn Wi-Fi Inspection Camera Solves Reoccurring Blockage

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

When repeated backups occurred for a commercial property, they called the professionals at Clean Water Works to identify what was causing the reoccurring blockage.

A technician from Clean Water Works (CWW) used a Wi-Fi Inspection Camera from Hathorn. They accessed the pipe through a cleanout and were able to live stream the inspection through the Hathorn Wi-Fi Inspection Camera for the client to see. Since the image was so clear, what was thought to be a broken pipe was actually an old crustation.

CWW was able to identify the issue in the line with the Hathorn plumbing camera and Command Module. A solution was proposed to use a special pipe-grinding tool from Picote to clean the pipe. Hathorn was the ideal pipe inspection tool for the job and provided HD quality before and after pictures to ensure the job was complete to the owner’s satisfaction.

Sewer Line Before & After Using Pipe Cutter:

The Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE Camera Reels offer a wide range of 10 wireless camera heads, lengths up to 120 metres and three size options. With this advanced technology, industry workers are able to download the PipeSTREAM app and get high-quality video.

The Command Module is able to work through extreme hot and cold weather temperatures. The readable screens offer the largest and clearest in the industry.

Professionals can screenshot and share the images on their website. Voice commentary can be added to explain to clients what is happening. Photos can also be shared with clients to give them the ease of knowing their pipes are now clear.

CWW technician views the Hathorn Command Module screen while the Wi-Fi Inspection Camera runs through the pipes.

Hathorn develops inspection cameras for plumbers, municipalities, mining and petrochemical companies, industrial users and urban gas distributors. By producing over 10,000 variations, we guarantee to have a product that is right for you.

If you are looking for a quality camera for pipe inspection jobs, Hathorn is the place to shop. Contact Hathorn by calling 905-604-7040 or through email

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