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Hathorn Featured on Jaco’s Corner

Hathorn® manufactures municipal grade push camera systems that are designed in North

America. They carry some of the best products in the plumbing industry and their inventory is reasonably priced to suffice every plumber and municipality. And as Hathorn continues to take the lead in the plumbing sector with an impressive roster of customers and clients, they were recently featured on the first episode of Jaco’s Corner.

Jaco’s Corner is a new video channel that acts as a trenchless information centre through And as Hathorn offers such a wide variety of products that have proven to perform, their pipe inspection products were chosen to be showcased on the first episode.

Hathorn Large Wifi Reel

The Hathorn® Wi-Fi Reels are designed for durability and they also boast the ability to sync with any Apple or Android mobile device. Their innovative reels are wireless and give customers a variety options for camera heads and pushrod lengths. The Hathorn® reels are equipped with steel framed construction, a stainless-steel camera head and are capable of tackling any job.

With so many impressive features, the Hathorn® inspection reels have always been a reliable choice for plumbers, municipalities, general contractors, home inspectors and more.

The Wi-Fi reels always produce high-definition video inspections that allow professionals to get the job done right the first time, a feature that Jaco noted can be done in any weather condition.

After working in the field for over ten years, Jaco mentioned the Hathorn® Wi-Fi reels perform well in rain, snow and sun. A full-size keyboard is also an impressive feature as well as one of the biggest and brightest screens on the market.

North American made, indestructible with multiple stores in Canada and the United States,

Hathorn products continue to prove that they lead the industry for a reason!

Checkout Jaco's Corner Episode 1: Featuring Hathorn

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