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Hathorn Camera Review by Infinitee Plumbing & Drains Inc.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Infinitee Plumbing & Drains Inc, located in Hamilton, Ontario is a proud Hathorn Inspection Camera customer. They service Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto (GTA), Brantford, Niagara, Golden Horse Shoe and Haldimand County.

“We are a plumbing and drain company. We provide services from full house rough-ins to excavations and sewer relining, CCTV inspections and sewer cleaning,” said Chris MacQueen of Infinitee Plumbing & Drains Inc.

Chris and his team provide sewer line camera inspections using a few different Hathorn camera systems.

“We have both the regular push camera and the mini camera reel,” he said. When we asked why he uses them he stated, “Because they’re the best in the business.”

Did you know that Hathorn DuraSCOPE™ plumbing inspection camera reels are designed to work with any Hathorn control module? Whether it’s past, present or future, we ensure your investment is protected. Hathorn municipal grade camera reels come fitted with your choice of DuraCAM™ self-leveling or straight view camera heads that are equipped with super bright cool running LEDs for optimal HD picture quality.

The company has inspected tens of thousands of sewer lines using Hathorn Inspection Cameras and uses them daily.

To find the right Camera for your business, check out our full lineup of Hathorn Inspection Cameras.

Looking for a price competitive professional? Infinitee Plumbing will provide service after hours. We service Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto (GTA), Brantford, Niagara, Golden Horse Shoe and Haldimand County.

Infinitee plumbing team specializes in plumbing and drainage services. Our team has experience in large commercial and residential spaces. Working alongside homeowners, builders and property managements companies, with this experience we provide a wide range of services to cover all-encompassing plumbing and drainage needs. Every member of our team is chosen for their work ethic and unique skills to better serve our clients and represent Infinitee Plumbing.

At Infinitee plumbing, we value and provide our clients with cost-effective, high quality, and timely emergency service. The Infinitee team takes pride in workmanship and customer satisfaction, we are keen on maintaining life-long relationships with current and future clients. Your goals are our priority, we will go above and beyond to make your vision a reality.

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