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Hathorn Camera Reel Locates Clean Outs in the Woods, From Above Ground

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Canadian Septic, Inc. were contracted to help with the installation of a new septic system for Monck Park just outside of Merritt, B.C., for a company that was awarded the job. 

When the technicians began their inspection, they noticed the existing 4-inch gravity lines to the tanks were fairly old, over 500 feet long and ran through some forested areas.

Because of this, Canadian Septic had two major concerns:

1. Did any of the gravity lines run through our field excavation?

2. Were there any breaks or bellies in the line?

Since they were working in a park and there were pine needles scattered all over the ground, they were unable to locate the clean outs.

Ultimately, they ended up having to go back to one of the furthest restroom facilities in the park and put the Wi-Fi Reel Camera into the cleanout there.

From there, Canadian Septic used the Hathorn camera heads to visually locate where cleanouts were located, inside the line. Using the sonde and locator, they were able to trace and locate the physical location of the cleanouts in the woods from above ground.

The 200-foot reel with magnum control box allowed us to also visually confirm that there were no cracks in the 4-inch PVC line, says James Stiksma, owner of Canadian Septic.

This allowed us to establish that there were no bellies present in the line. The camera allowed us to reuse the existing 4-inch gravity line by giving us the information that allowed us to shift the location of the field so that it would not be encroaching on our gravity line.

In this case, Hathorn inspection cameras saved the contractor time and money on the project by allowing Canadian Septic to dig out the field quickly and confidently. It also saved the contractor money as they did not need to spend the time and or money on replacing the existing gravity line.

From locating 4” PVC lines out of tanks and clean outs with our 200’ Wi-Fi reel to tracing 2” pump lines with our 100’ Micron Wi-Fi Reel,” says Stiksma. “Hathorn has a product for all our needs. We continue to use them to locate old lines, breaks in pipes, settled lines, septic tanks, distribution boxes and laterals.

We love that Hathorn is constantly working to update their product lines and were excited to add the Wi-Fi Reels when they came available. The Milwaukee battery pack and the ability to save the videos and photos directly to our phone and tablet has been an absolute game changer and has saved us so much time when preparing reports for our customers.

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