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Five Benefits of a Sewer Drain Inspection

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A drain inspection camera is often used by professional plumbers to accurately diagnose a drain or sewer problem. This plumbing service involves the use of a small waterproof drain camera that is attached to a cable called a pushrod.

But let’s take off the lens and discuss the top five benefits of a sewer camera inspection.

A Quick Diagnosis Saves Time and Money

By utilizing the drain inspection camera, your hired professional can uncover the source of the problem that is causing a blockage or backup inside the sewer pipe. The drain camera boasts the ability to locate and diagnose the problem in real time with video proof.

Determine What Sewer System You Have

The Sewer Drain Inspection will also allow your plumber to determine the specific system your home is operating on as well as the system layout. The drain camera will provide a visual inspection, enabling you to understand the home's sewer system quickly and efficiently. Knowing material type can help predict the useful life of the drain system.

Sewer Backup Issues

If you notice a sudden unpleasant smell in your home or if any of its plumbing isn’t optimally operating, do not hesitate to call for a sewer inspection using a drain camera. A small problem lurking beneath the surface is much easier to fix than if left untouched and ignored, giving it an opportunity to grow into a large, expensive problem.

Detect Root Intrusion

The roots of trees and shrubs in your yard are naturally drawn to the moisture in your drain and sewer lines. When these roots start to grow around or into the line, they can cause severe leaks or clogs, interfering with your entire plumbing system. Root intrusion is very common but can be hard to prevent and identify. By using a drain inspection camera, your trusted plumber can detect and locate it. They should also make recommendations for next steps to put an end to the root problem.

Maintain Your Pipes with Regular Inspections

With time, the sewer pipe walls naturally accumulate a buildup of various forms of debris. With regular drain camera inspections and pipe cleaning, you can maintain your pipes as needed, avoiding unnecessary problems down the road.

If you are looking to renovate your home, or if you are buying a new home, a drain inspection camera is always recommended to ensure that the underground piping is in optimal condition while eliminating any future and costly issues.

To learn more about the suite of sewer inspection cameras available at Hathorn, please contact us.

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