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Father and Daughter Run Successful Plumbing Camera Repair Business for Over 20 Years

This Arizona-based, Father-Daughter ran plumbing camera repair business has catered to local plumbers, large plumbing companies, and surrounding states since 1999!


Chuck McGaha studied electronics at DeVry University in the late 1980s. After graduating, he owned a landscaping pool company, which he ran for 11 years. After many years working in the grueling sun, he decided it was time to change careers.

In 1999, he noticed a need for plumbing equipment repair. When he saw the opportunity arise, he began working on camera systems out of his garage. The plumber from a large company jumpstarted his business and still brings him equipment to fix more than 20 years later.

Chuck McGaha and his daughter standing behind the counter of their Plumbing Camera Repair shop with multiple Hathorn inspection cameras on the side.

Plumbers Camera Repair (PCR) has remained successful and has kept close relationships with the local plumbers and many of the largest plumbing companies in Arizona and the surrounding states for the past 22 years. Today, they have a state-of-the-art shop and showroom in Phoenix, located by the I-17 interstate, and many plumbing warehouses.

PCR prides itself on customer service and maintaining good relationships with their customers, “we have several customers that have been with PCR for over 20 years, some have hundreds of trucks, and some only have one. Many of our customers do both commercial and residential plumbing. However, we also cater to the smaller plumbing companies or the individual plumbers. We also offer financing to those that need it most,” explains McGaha.

What led McGaha into the industry was listening to plumbers complain about shipping their items to different states for repair. He realized that he could successfully work on their equipment locally with his electronics background.

Chuck McGaha's daughter posing with two Hathorn inspection cameras.

McGaha explains that he chooses Hathorn products specifically for their reliable durability. He says, “In the mid-2000s, we had a plumber bring in his very abused Hathorn system for a routine return. The customer mentioned that Hathorn’s durability was an industry secret. We reached out to a Hathorn Rep in California, and they expressed the success they’ve had with Hathorn. We gave them a shot, and we’ve been a fan ever since.”

The greatest part for this father-daughter duo to work together is, “the best part of working for my father is the flexible schedule,” says McGaha’s daughter. As for himself, “I would say the best part of working with my daughter is that I’m used to telling her what to do.”

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 11, 2023

Chuck is a fraud. You may be interested to see this.

Chick doesn’t even own this business, his son does. Chuck has never owned this business.

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