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Top Five Reasons You Need a Hathorn Inspection Camera

As equipment and tools continue to improve and evolve, Hathorn continues to hold the top spot, dominating the plumbing industry with their inspection cameras.

With a large roster of clients, Hathorn has become a trusted brand for many as they maintain, in-stock, high-quality inspection cameras and accessories that have legendary durability, are North American Made and are always priced right.

Let’s elaborate on The Five Impressive Reasons Why You Should Choose Hathorn For Your Inspection Camera needs. Let’s take a look.

Priced Right

Hathorn is proud of the value they deliver, ensuring high quality inspection cameras for plumbers, municipalities as well as the mining and gas supply industries. Hathorn drain camera systems are not the cheapest in the marketplace, but they offer the highest value, while often being 20 to 30 per cent less expensive than other leading brands. Hathorn manufactures everything in North America, ensuring the best value for dollars spent in the marketplace.

Durable Equipment

Hathorn products are not only affordable, but are also known for their heavy-duty, indestructible reputation. All Hathorn products boast the ability to serve the average plumber or large municipalities, mining and petrochemical companies, industrial users, and urban gas distributors.

North American Inspection Cameras

Hathorn was established in 2003, inspired by machine quality, dedicated workmanship and a desire to offer premium products that are and always will be, North American made. Hathorn proudly manufactures all of their products on site, in Toronto, Ontario, with their repair hub (Hathorn USA) is Columbus, OH

High-Quality Inspection Cameras

Since 2003, Hathorn has continued to climb to the top as one of the most trusted brands in the plumbing sector. For years, they have focused on what they do best, manufacturing and selling drain cameras, pipe inspection cameras and accessories. Through repeat customers, word-of-mouth referrals and unfailing quality, success has been natural.

In Stock

Over the years, Hathorn has built an empire, globally generating the largest, most impressive collections of push sewer camera inspection systems. Hathorn offers thousands of variations and products, guaranteeing customers the equipment that they need.

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